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BPH Treatment with Urolift®

BPH Relief with the Urolift® System?

Advanced Treatment for BPH

The UroLift® System is an FDA-approved, minimally invasive technology used to treat BPH. UroLift® opens the urethra and relieves prostate obstruction symptoms using implants that lift and hold away the enlarged prostate.

The UroLift® System implants are delivered during a transurethral outpatient procedure. The procedure is done in the comfort of an office or outpatient surgery center under mild sedation. It will ultimately allow urine to flow easily again without the need for cutting, heating, scraping, or removing tissue.

Clinical data reveals patients show rapid and lasting improvement in urinary symptoms and flow rate, without compromising sexual function. 1 Preserving sexual health is a unique benefit offered with the UroLift® System.2,3,4,5,6, Other BPH therapies, including surgery and medication, typically come with the risk of reduced sexual function.

Watch the Urolift® Procedure

Is UroLift® a Permanent Treatment?

The UroLift® treatment and accompanying implants are intended to be permanent. Its reliability has been proven five years out and maintains improvement in symptoms, urinary flow, and quality of life. 1 Another unique aspect of the UroLift® System is it does not preclude retreatment or other BPH treatments, should that be needed or desired in the future.7

The safety and effectiveness of the UroLift® System have been demonstrated in over 1,000 patients, years of clinical data, and peer-reviewed publications through clinical studies that have been completed in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. 8

How Does the Urolift® System Work?

An enlarged prostate can narrow, or even block the urethra. 

Enlarged Prostate

The UroLift® Delivery Device is placed through the obstructed urethra to access the enlarged prostate.

The Urolift System

Permanent UroLift® Implants are delivered through a small needle that comes out of the UroLift® Delivery Device and into the prostate. The implants are placed to lift and hold the enlarged prostate out of the way to increase the urethra’s opening. 

The UroLift® Implants

The UroLift® Delivery Device is removed, leaving an open urethra designed to provide symptom relief.

The UroLift® Delivery Device

How do I know if I am a Good Candidate for UroLift®?

Based on your symptoms, a physical exam, medical history, and any necessary testing, you and Dr. Lawrence Hatchett will determine if you are a good candidate for the UroLift® System. Most men with enlarged prostates are ideal candidates. If needed, patients can continue other BPH treatments in conjunction with UroLift®.

To find out if UroLift® is right for you, schedule a free phone consultation with Dr.Lawrence Hatchett. He and his staff will work with you and your health insurance provider to specify your coverage regarding the procedure. When medically necessary, all Medicare providers provide benefits for the UroLift® System.

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