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How does it work?

How Does Axonics Therapy Work?

In the past, sufferers of overactive bladder (OAB) only had a few options including medication and home remedies, but now there is another option: Axonics Therapy. This uses a form of Sacral Neuromodulation to help patients get long-lasting relief from their incontinence and overactive bladder (OAB).

What is Sacral Neuromodulation?

Sacral Neuromodulation is not a cure, but it is a guideline-recommended therapy that can help patients take back control over their bladders and bowels.3 Neuromodulation is indicated as a treatment option for patients suffering from overactive bladder, bowel incontinence, and urinary retention.3

How does Axonics Therapy work?

Axonics Therapy utilizes a small stimulator that works to gently stimulate the nerves that control the bladder and bowel, which helps restore normal control and improves symptoms. There are two steps in the process:

The Evaluation Step:  To see if Axonics Therapy is right for you, you will undergo a short period of therapy using a temporary system.  This evaluation period allows you to experience the level of symptom relief the therapy may provide before committing to it long-term.  

Long-term Therapy: If you and your doctor determine that Axonics Therapy is right for you, you will have an outpatient procedure in which the miniaturized Axonics implant is placed just beneath the skin in the upper part of your buttock.
If long-term treatment is determined to be the best option, you will be introduced to the Axonics System.

What’s the Axonics System?

The Axonics System is made up of three main parts.

Axonics Neurostimulator Implant‍

The Small Neurostimulator Implant

  • A small, rechargeable implant that provides therapy for at least 15 years.
  • Placed through a minimally invasive outpatient procedure.
Axonics Remote Control

The Remote Control

  • Recharge-free Remote Control that is small and easy to use.
  • Fits on a key chain so therapy can be discreetly managed.
  • Indicates when it is time to recharge
Axonics Charging System

The Charging System

  • Recharge-free Remote Control that is small and easy to use.
  • Fits on a key chain so therapy can be discreetly managed.
  • Indicates when it is time to recharge

The three parts of the Axonics Therapy System work together to provide you with real, long-lasting relief from your OAB or incontinence.

Want to learn more about Axonics Therapy?

If you’ve tried other treatments for your OAB or incontinence and nothing has worked, it may be time to try Axonics Therapy. Visit Dr. Hatchett Urology to learn more and to see if you are a good fit.

Will Axonics Therapy work for me?

Important Safety Information:

Implantation and use of the Axonics System incur risks beyond those normally associated with surgery, some of which may necessitate surgical intervention. Results and experiences may vary and are unique to each patient. No promise or guarantee is made about specific results or experiences. Talk to your doctor about whether the Axonics System is right for you and to discuss the potential risks and benefits. For more information about safety and potential risks, go to: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale and use by, or on the order of, a physician.

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