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Benefits of Axonics Therapy

The Benefits Of Axonics Therapy

In the past, one of the main ways to treat incontinence was with medication and lifestyle changes. However, medications may come with unwanted side effects and lifestyle changes may mean that you have to stop doing things that you love. There is now a better option that comes with some major benefits.

The Axonics System is the only advanced therapy for overactive bladder, bowel incontinence, and urinary retention that is rechargeable and designed to last in the body for at least 15 years. Sacral Neuromodulation is also the only advanced therapy shown in a clinical study to produce greater symptom reductions and improvements in the quality of life than oral medication.3

What benefits does it offer?

Small Size

The implant is about the size of a quarter which means it can be put in place in a short, minimally invasive procedure.

It’s Long-Lasting

The Axonics System is long-lasting, rechargeable, and made to last at least 15 years in your body.

It’s Covered

Most insurances cover this therapy, including Medicare. Speak with your doctor’s office to learn more about insurance coverage.3

You Can Still Get A Full-Body MRI

You are eligible for a full-body MRI under approved conditions.

There Is A Trial Period

Axonics provides a 14 day trial period to make sure the therapy is right for you. During the trial, you will be outfitted with a device that easily fits under the clothes. After, you and your doctor can decide what the next step in treatment will be.3

Axonics Therapy is clinically proven and patient approved

In a clinical study, Axonics Therapy provided sustained safety and symptom relief at 3 years.2 Backed by this and other studies, Axonics Therapy is proven to regain bladder and bowel control and deliver meaningful improvement in the quality of life.

At 1-Year, 

  • 93% of patients were satisfied with their therapy.1 
  • 89% of patients experienced a ≥50% reduction in UUI symptoms.1 
  • <2% of patients reported discomfort at the implant site.1 
Learn More About Axonics Therapy

Want to hear from a real person about their experience with Axonics Therapy?  Jill, 45 years old and married with 4 kids, started noticing OAB symptoms 10 years ago. Having an active family, her condition impacted every part of her life. With Axonics Therapy, Jill regained control! 

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Dr. Hatchett works with all his patients to determine the cause of their overactive bladder or incontinence. He will then walk you through all available treatment options to help you decide what’s best for you.

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Important Safety Information:

Implantation and use of the Axonics System incur risks beyond those normally associated with surgery, some of which may necessitate surgical intervention.
Results and experiences may vary and are unique to each patient. No promise or guarantee is made about specific results or experiences. Talk to your doctor about whether the Axonics System is right for you and to discuss the potential risks and benefits. For more information about safety and potential risks, go to: www.Axonics ®.com/isi.
Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale and use by, or on the order of, a physician.

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